Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year 2012! (90 days to go...)

I could not miss the chance to blog on the leap year, which also coincides with 90 days being left until the end of the academic year at Chalmers. Exam week starts and ends on Saturday here at Chalmers. To have an exam on a Saturday morning is quite normal here. My second exam in the first quarter was on a Saturday afternoon. One of the last exams to take place before the beginning of the second quarter. Luckily this time, I've only got one course which has an exam next Thursday afternoon. My other course is an engineering group project which runs across the third and fourth quarter. For those of you not familiar with the terminology, a course is what you would call a module back in the UK.

In Sweden, there are a number of 'sweets' you have to try before you leave, especially if you stay the full year. The most famous one you come across is kanelbullar, also known as a cinnamon bun in English. They even have a whole day of the year dedicated to it - 4 October. I think I first had this when I was in Haga with Pierpaolo, Alex and Arno. Before you knew it, it was the season of giving - Jul (aka Christmas). Now, the Local UNITECH Chapter (LUC) Sweden held a baking event for all alumni to join. There were two alumni, Pier and I present. We had a chance to bake lussekatt (saffron bun) and knäck (translates to "break"). It was fun baking lussekatt as we all made our own designs as well as the traditional shape. Knäck is basically just a mix of sugar, which is quite unhealthy but okay for that once in a year treat. I also had the opportunity to bake lussekatt with Erik and Sven as well at Ostkupan. The next event was Shrove Tuesday, which has semla dedicated to it. Really tasty, and I had both the traditional one (sold everywhere) and the modified one (sold by 7-Eleven). I can still remember the taste - craving for one right now! Cannot wait for the next traditional Swedish sweet - I wonder what's next?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

100 days to go...

So I'm back! It's been about 5 years since I've blogged. Life has changed a lot. I'm at Loughborough University now pursuing a degree in EEE. It's MEng for those who like specifics. I've done an internship at Jaguar Land Rover for one year during my degree. I've also decided to go on the UNITECH International exchange programme, thus I'm at Chalmers in Sweden. I've got to do another internship of at least 3 months as well as a group report of 35 pages. Have not secured an internship yet, but there's the possibility of getting one in Gothenburg.

So you're wondering, what's at the end of the 100 days? Well, I've been off Facebook for 28 days, so it's not that. Although that's an achievement in itself. As of today, I'll be 'connected' as some things are now dependent on this Web 2.0 platform. What happened to old school email hey? I've realised, in 100 days my time at Chalmers will be officially over. Potentially, this also means my days in Gothenburg, Sweden will also be coming to an end, unless I find an internship here. Therefore, I've got to make the most of what's left. So many things to do in such a short time. Going to require a lot of planning and motivation. A check list seems to work but only for a short while before I start ignoring what's on there. I could try a mind map on FreeMind and see how that goes. Although I can see myself saving it and then forgetting about it. What's your way of getting things done? Any suggestions on things that I have to do before leaving Sweden? Let me know by posting a comment.

Stay tuned for the next blog post coming your way soon (let's hope it's not in one month!)